Lying on an altitude of 1,310m/4,300ft Punakha was the capital of Bhutan till 1955. It is now the winter home of the Monk Body. Punakha is the most fertile valley in the country with rich crops and huge terraces of rice fields.
Places of interest around Punakha
Punakha Dzong: Built on the confluence of the two rivers Pho chu (Male River) and the Mo Chu(female Rivier is 600 feet long and 240 feet wide, with a sprawling 6 –storey rectangular tower. It was in Punakha, the first hereditary Monarch, King Ugyen Wangchuck was enthroned on 17 December 1907. Punakha Dzong houses sacred artifacts and the  embalmed body of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel.

Punakha Dzong (monastery) was built in in 1638 and was later the seat of the government. The monastery lies at the confluence of the Mo Chhu River (in the picture) and the Pho Chhu River.
Chimi Lhakhang:  This temple is dedicated to Lama Drukpa Kuenley, (The Divine Madman) who in the late 15th century with his  outrageous behaviour  dramatized his teachings This temple is also known as the temple of fertility and childless couple who go and offer their prayers in this temple are blessed with a child.